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There are many questions when looking to install a fence on your property and the P. Saylor Fence Team is here to help you throughout the entire fence building process. Here are some frequently asked questions which hopefully can assist you during your project.

It is recommended that you set your fence in about 3-6 inches from your property line, so that all of the cement in the posts is on your property.
Most of the time your property line can be found by locating your property pins. The property pins are typically a piece of rebar with a yellow, orange or red plastic cap on top. They are placed on your property when it is professionally surveyed. Sometimes they can get buried in the ground, be moved or even removed. If you cannot find them, a professional surveyor will have to be hired to fence stake your property as these markings need to be 100% accurate prior to fence installation. P. Saylor Fence highly recommends contacting a Professional Survey Company.
Customers are responsible for having their property pins accurately and visibly identified prior to a P. Saylor Fence installation.
The homeowner is responsible for getting their Homeowner Association (HOA) approval. P. Saylor Fence is happy to assist with this process but we are not able to send this information to your HOA. Please note that HOA guidelines concerning fences do change frequently, so always have your fence project approved to avoid future issues.
No, not all fence companies have the same workmanship standards or fence installation training and guidelines. We highly recommend reviewing every fence company’s previous work prior to hiring them. Ask us for addresses to see our work, we love showing off the P. Saylor Fence installation difference. You should also check with local organizations and company affiliations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Home Builders Associations or Angie’s List.
Yes, every post needs concrete for stability over time.
Yes, all of our aluminum fence materials are backed by a Manufacturer’s Material Limited Lifetime Warranty. This guarantee covers against rust, defects in craftsmanship and materials, as well as any chipping, peeling, cracking of the TGIC polyester powder coating finish.
Aluminum fence has become extremely popular over the last decade over rod iron because of its lightweight, versatility and lower cost. You get the rod iron look with aluminum but not the rod iron price and it will not rust over time like rod iron does.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is used in virtually every industry. Because of its low maintenance and durability, vinyl is a popular alternative for products normally constructed of wood such as fences, gazebos, decks and siding.
Unlike some treated wood fencing, vinyl is an environmentally safe material. There are no toxins to pollute the sky or seep into the ground. Vinyl fencing has a smooth surface and is free of nails, sharp edges or splinters.
No. Vinyl fence system components are available in a wide range of sizes and thickness. To reduce costs, some manufacturers decrease their wall thickness, resulting in reduced strength and ultimately yielding inferior fence systems.
No. A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.
It is stronger, lasts much longer, safer, looks better, and costs much less over time. Vinyl can initially cost the same as or more than wood depending upon the style of fence chosen. However, in the long run, vinyl is about one third the cost of wood due to the minimal maintenance and being engineered to last long term.
The posts are set in concrete about 24-30 inches deep in the ground.
Paint does not adhere well to the surface, which is good in the case of graffiti, but bad if you like to paint things. The color of the vinyl goes all the way through so it can’t be scratched or chipped off which means it will never need to be painted.
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